Wire #386

Wire #386

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  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 98 Pages 
  • 22.86cm x 27.94cm (9" x 11")
  • Published in London, UK
  • April 2016
  • Frequency: Monthly

Cecil Taylor: Free music’s most uncompromising piano great shares words of wisdom with Phil Freeman on the eve of his residency and exhibition at New York Whitney Museum.

Mike Cooper: The colourfully shirted and widely travelled UK guitarist, whose work spans exotica, blues and ambient, explains his wanderlust to Clive Bell

J Dilla Primer: The reputation of beatmaker/rapper James Dewitt Yancey has shown no sign of diminishing in the ten years since his death. Jordan Ferguson presents a user’s guide to his ever-expanding catalogue

Eartheater: The cyborgian ecstasies of Guardian Alien’s Alexandra Drewchin unite the animal with the mechanical. By Chal Ravens

The Wire is an independent, monthly music magazine covering a wide range of alternative, underground and non-mainstream musics. The Wire celebrates and interrogates the most visionary and inspiring, subversive and radical, marginalised and undervalued musicians on the planet, past and present, in the realms of avant rock, electronica, hiphop, new jazz, modern composition, traditional musics and beyond. Passionate, intelligent and provocative, The Wire wages war on the mundane and the mediocre.

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