The Travel Almanac # 20
The Travel Almanac # 20
The Travel Almanac # 20

The Travel Almanac # 20

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The Travel Almanac # 20

  • Condition: New
  • Type: Hardback
  • Language: English
  • 276 Pages 
  • 17cm x 22.23cm (6.69" x 8.75")
  • Published in Berlin, Germany
  • Spring/Summer 2022
  • Frequency: Biannually

Stories on fashion designer and artist Samuel Ross, artist Diedrick Brackens, models Georgia Palmer, Lulu Tenney, Alyda Grace, health nutritionist Dr. Mark Hyman, journeys to the Piedmont, Indiana, Montreux, Chiltern Hills, and Patagonia.

Founded in 2010, The Travel Almanac is the first true post-tourism publication. It focuses not only on the traditional notion of physical travel, but the ways in which movement and location permeate all aspects of contemporary life. Since its inception, The Travel Almanac has been influential in re-defining the genre of pop-culture publications by showcasing the creative world’s opinions on travel and its accoutrement.  

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