Stranger's Guide #08
Stranger's Guide #08

Stranger's Guide #08

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Stranger's Guide - The Mediterranean

  • Condition: New
  • Language - English
  • 120 Pages
  • 23cm x 27.3cm (9" x 10.75")
  • Published in  Austin, Texas
  • Fall 2020
  • Frequency Quarterly 

The Mediterranean has long served as a cultural crossroads, luring pilgrims, tourists and emperors alike. But the region is far more than the vacation hotspots with which it is so often associated. More than 20 countries across three continents share the coastline, and the number of people, histories and cultures across the area make it one of the most diverse and fascinating places to explore. Visit French soccer stadiums and Spanish flamenco dance shows, trace the histories of Egypt’s stolen antiquities and get an up-close look at the global power of the Albanian mafia. You’ll also meet the unlikely surfers of the Gaza Strip and the displaced Syrians, driven out of their homes by violence, now rebuilding their lives in foreign lands. Alongside excellent writing and photography, the guide features one of our trademark cover illustrations, showcasing the many ways people have traversed these waters.

Stranger’s Guide is themed around a single destination—Russia, the Great Plains, Mexico City or Shanghai. By choosing to concentrate on just one place, Stranger’s Guide will allow us to stop, be still and delve into each location’s complexities. Readers will save these objets d’art on their bookshelves, lend them to friends and continue to page through the issues for years to come.Stranger’s Guide consists of intelligent and luminously written essays by noted writers. Its sleek design emphasizes art and photography.

Each issue is packed with maps, fiction and unconventional travel tips alongside beautiful, serious storytelling that takes you around the world. Our e-newsletter will offer a weekly mini-magazine, examining different themes across cultures. Throughout everything, beautiful, thoughtful narratives will guide you around the world.

Stranger’s Guide is ideal for its luscious photo spreads, and its features go deep into subcultures that, until now, only the luckiest of strangers might discover.”
Paris Review

 “…a one-of-a-kind travel magazine, with a literary vibe that calls to mind Lapham’s Quarterly and McSweeney‘s
Texas Monthly

“A stunning magazine”
The Believer

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