Real Review #12

Real Review #12

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Real Review #12
  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 104 Pages 
  • 12cm x 26.5cm (4.72" x 10.43")
  • Published in London, UK
  • Spring 2022
  • Frequency: Biannual

Have we changed? We interview archaeologist David Wengrow on the dawn of everything. Philosophers Slavoj Zizek and Timothy Morton agree about the future of humans on planet Earth. Design studio Metahaven contribute an insert on the stuff of experience and sensation. Photographer Tacita Dean captures a boat abandoned at sea. An essay by Ursula K. Le Guin reviews the Hero narrative, with photography by Magali Reus. Film curator Roisin Tapponi reviews fake nails, while Jack Self reviews lateral flow tests and mindfulness.

Claire Marie Healy reviews the girlish giggle; Sebastian Olma reviews autonomy in the art world; Vivian Amos reviews millennial pink and zoomer green; nine Norwegians review chronic pain in a cultural probe by Anna Ulrikke Andrsen; architects Secretary  review 14,495 flats in Stockholm; Kristabel Chung reviews Hong Kong’s live-in labour; Jacob Dreyre reviews China’s “lying flat” movement; Harry Woodlock reviews vital exhaustion; Maddy Weavers reviews anonymity; and @whylookatanimals presents a cardinal feeding a goldfish.

Real Review is “what it means to live today”.
Real Review assesses contemporary culture.
Real Review looks backwards to look forwards.
Real Review appears timely and timeless.
Real Review interrogates the current mood.
Real Review deconstructs everyday norms.
Real Review reviews reality.

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