More or Less #07

More or Less #07

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More or Less #07 Material World
  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 348 Pages 
  • 27cm x 36.83cm (10.63" x 14.5")
  • Autumn 2023
  • Frequency: Yearly

Bear Grylls by Oliver Hadlee Pearch

Kirandeep Chalal by Luis Alberto Rodriguez

Diamond Peach Lollipop by Tim Walker

Olympic fencers by Jack Davison

Westwood tribute by Marile Andre

Zinnia Kumar by Zac Bayly

Boto dolphin by Vava Ribeiro

Excess is no longer in fashion. Creativity is the new luxury.

A major goal of More or Less is to provoke thought about the decisions we make when we buy clothes; factoring in the realities of cost and consumption. More or Less offers a glimpse of how real people actually dress without sacrificing the transportive magic and fantasy of fashion. 

More or Less is not another magazine showcasing only current-season fashion. Vintage, army surplus, sportswear, old school uniforms, craft, rubbish; all are fair game. 

A symptom of our see now buy now, click-to-buy modernity is immediate gratification and overindulgence. In this rapid-fire exchange, little time is devoted to asking “Do I need this? Do I even want this?”

More or Less celebrates a new type of luxury: creativity. More or Less is the first magazine to prioritize sustainability in the fashion industry. World class photographers, stylists and designers have accepted our challenge to create fashion stories which are eco-conscious, innovative, fun and with a more accessible price-point. More or Less is about reshaping a society of excess.

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