Like the Wind #37

Like the Wind #37

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Like the Wind #37
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  • Language: English
  • 130 Pages 
  • 20cm x 25.5cm (7.87" x 10.04")
  • Winter 2023
  • Frequency: Quarterly

In issue 37 of Like the Wind, editor Simon Freeman visits Kenya, where he discovers the astounding levels of commitment the members of the elite NN Running Team put into their track and road sessions – and also the devotion to the sport displayed by everyday runners on the streets of Iten, grabbing every chance they can to train, despite often not having access to decent track facilities… or even shoes that fit.

Simon also sat down for a chat with author and Olympian Alexi Pappas, whose commitment to sporting excellence is matched by her dedication to looking after her own mental health and that of others. She’s just adapted her book Braveyfor younger readers, providing a platform to help young people to define what it means to be their own kind of “bravey”.

Elsewhere in the pages of issue 37, we revisit the landmark 2008 Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc, when the then-unknown Kilian Jornet was so committed to running the race in his own way that he sent shockwaves through both the UTMB authorities and the wider ultra trail running community. We hear from influencer Flora Beverley, who is committed to raising awareness of environmental issues in her running blogs – she explains how running is never not political. Euan Crumley profiles Jakob Ingebritsen, the Norwegian track legend committed to being the best in the world. US writer Abigail Calandra explains how her commitment to training for a marathon in Prague opened her eyes to the beauty of a city in which she originally found it hard to settle. British runner Kirsty Reade shares the story of how her commitment to finishing a 300km non-stop race helped her to order her thoughts following the death of her mother.

Our commitment to running is shaped to a certain extent by our fitness, which naturally changes as we get older. Three older runners discuss how relationships with the sport develop and evolve with age, as well as examining the influence of Jeff Galloway on the global running community.

Of course, even with the common factor of commitment, everyone defines their relationship with running in way that’s unique to them. Mario Fraioli, host of smash hit running podcast The Morning Shakeout.

Like the Wind is an independent magazine about running. A collection of stories by runners, for runners, beautifully illustrated.

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