It's Freezing in LA! #10

It's Freezing in LA! #10

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It's Freezing in LA! #10 Plants

  • Condition: New
  • Language - English
  • 58 Pages
  • 17.78cm x 24.77cm (7" x 9.75")
  • Published in London, UK
  • Frequency - Biannually
  • November 2023

It's Freezing in LA! is a critically acclaimed independent magazine about climate justice, publishing essays and illustrations about the transformative changes needed to achieve a just and equitable future.

It's Freezing in LA! covers everything from art to science to politics. It's Freezing in LA! looks for original, engaging and surprising content, widening environmental discussions and seeking out the most important progressive conversations of the day.

Many of the writers and illustrators are new voices in the climate movement. It's Freezing in LA! invites emerging thinkers and makers to give us their view on how climate change will affect and is affecting society.

Climate change is causing a great magazine. Steve Heller 

Beyond its witty title and compelling visuals, IFLA! is a magazine well worth sitting down to read. Its content is fascinating, spanning law, politics, history, theatre and infrastructure. It's Nice That

A constant source of inspiration. Matteo Badeo

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