Electronic Sound #93
Electronic Sound #93

Electronic Sound #93

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Electronic Sound #93 + 7" vinyl

  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 98 Pages 
  • 20.96cm x 28cm (8.25" x 11")
  • Published in Norwich, UK
  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • 2022

Blancmange main man Neil Arthur on the cover of the Electronic Sound #93 and a special dot-to-dot image of him, no less. This issue has a limited edition pink vinyl seven-inch to accompany the magazine with the awesome 'Living On The Ceiling' on the A-side.

Blancmange were one of the coolest synthpop outfits of the early 1980s and it was quite a surprise when Neil Arthur and his original partner Stephen Luscombe called it a day in 1986. It was another surprise when Neil resurrected the group in 2011, putting out a dozen or so new Blancmange albums during the last 11 years. The latest, 'Private View', is an absolute corker. And as well as making great records, Neil always gives brilliant interviews, skipping between subjects, offering unique opinions, telling endless anecdotes: from swimming races with Depeche Mode to sitting on Grace Jones' knee and all of it without missing a beat. He's a master at connecting the dots.

Also in this issue, modular synthesist Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, analogue evangelist Pye Corner Audio, and 'Killing Eve' soundtrackers Unloved. Electronic Sound asks Paul Oakenfold about his influences and Laraaji about making his 'Ambient 3' album with Brian Eno. Electronic Sound has wonky art-popsters Jockstrap too, plus Maddalena Fagandini, Sarah Davachi and Dan "Danalogue" Leavers. Oh, and a couple of people who create music from bat noises.

The exclusive seven-inch Electronic Sound is bundling together with the magazine is going to keep you running round and round. Up and down, up the wall, up the bloody tree. Blancmange's fantastic 'Living On The Ceiling' is released on tasty pink vinyl. The track was a UK Top 10 smash in 1982 and has lost none of its shine in the years since. The B-side, meanwhile, is 'Some Times These', a highlight of Blancmange's new album, 'Private View'. "There are kosmische and motorik references there," says Neil Arthur. "But then most people know about my love of Neu!, Can and Cluster." Despite being recorded a full four decades apart, the two tracks make for a doubly cool record. 

As with all of the music releases, this seven-inch is strictly limited and is only available to readers of Electronic Sound, so make sure you get your copy right away.

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