Violet #14

Violet #14

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Violet #14
  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 256 Pages 
  • 22cm x 28.5cm (8.66" x 11.23")
  • Published in London
  • Autumn & Winter 2020
  • Frequency: Biannual

“So for us, how do you keep sane when everyone around you has gone mad? So the best thing I could do during this time was show up to the studio. With heavy heart. And a lot of anger. And for me, it was like, how do I pull out the beauty and the sort of, ascending quality that we all have within us during times of trauma and trial.” CASSI NAMODA, ARTIST

“'s hard to know how to integrate ballet and politics. [Crystal] Pite made a piece for the Royal Ballet that was very touching about the refugee crisis. So obviously we can do it in our own way. What I love about dancing is it says something that you can't quite put into words.” FRANCESCA HAYWARD, BALLET DANCER & ACTRESS

“…we really are on this journey together and that’s Black, white, all of us, all people that believe in democracy, believe that what we see happening in this moment is not the country we want to live in and that things have to change. Then we have to be committed to a real truth and reconciliation process, we have to put our feelings and our emotions down and be able, willing, and open to hearing the pain, and also open to recognising the role we personally play in inflicting pain upon communities.” TAMIKA D. MALLORY, ACTIVIST

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