Turps Banana #23

Turps Banana #23

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 Turps Banana Issue  23

  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 76 Pages 
  • 20.96cm x 27cm (8.25" x 10.63")
  • Published in London, UK
  • December 2020
  • Frequency: Biannual

Judith Tucker and Graham Crowley in conversation
Tom McGlynn talks to Stanley Whitney
Hannah Murgatroyd Writes
A Nameless Kind of Painting: Matt Lippiatt asks questions Domenico Tiepolo by Charles Williams
Sabine Brand Scheffel talks to Gundula Bleckmann
John Dunkley’s Visionary Modern Art
Nick Fudge and Gary Hume
Hermits in Art History by Simon Willems
Judith Bernstein by Gina Birch
Simon Bill and Phil King discuss Antonin Artaud

The idea to establish a magazine about painting, made predominately by painters, became concrete in 2003 during one of our many discussions - arguments about our own work and other painters that interested us.

We, along with most of our friends, have a long history of such discussions (usually in the pub) and built on fairly regular studio visits. These discussions are vital to us and we wondered if there might be a demand for a magazine that could act as a forum for the ideas and views of painters. 

Partly because art criticism is not a science and because we believe good painting is not driven by ideological principles, Turps does not carry a singular position or attitude about painting, but is as open as possible, in order to allow dialogues to develop.

What excites us most is that, uniquely, the contributors are not critics or professional art writers, but practitioners whose contributions will hopefully illuminate their own work as they reflect on their contemporaries and their interest in the history of painting.

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