Peddler #04

Peddler #04

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 Peddler Journal Issue Four Grandma

  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 112 Pages with Dust Jacket
  • 17cm x 24.5cm (6.75" x 9.65")
  • Published in Brooklyn, New York
  • Spring/Summer 2019
  • Frequency: Biannual

In this issue, we explore the sweet remembrance and legacy of all the grandmas who have loved and fed us. We consider the connection, and disconnection, of this special inter-generational bond.

This issue features a special audio-story called Grandmas of New York.

Featuring stories on sweetened condensed milk, Nanny’s Jam drops, the never-ending feast, Halmoni’s patjuk, Safta Rika, grandma on the farm, grandma by the sea and more.

Plus recipes for sugar cookies, le quatre quart, grandma’s new mistake, potato curry, broccoli and cheddar impossible skillet pie, eggs and peas, and more.

Peddler documents the in-between moments of food – from the ingredients, to the making, the eating, the sharing, and all the small moments in-between. 

Peddler explores these multi-cultures of food, venturing near and far, and into the homes and kitchens of everyday cooks for their most personal rendition of family recipes and stories.

Peddler Journal is created by Hetty McKinnon, author of bestselling cookbooks Community, Neighborhood, Family and the owner of Arthur Street Kitchen.  

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