Gather Journal #12

Gather Journal #12

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Gather Journal Issue 12 The Senses

  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 108 Pages 
  • 19.05cm x 24.13cm (7.5" x 9.5")
  • Published in New York
  • Winter 2018

Gather Journal is a recipe-driven food magazine dedicated to the many aspects of gathering: to dine, to drink, to harvest, and to cook.The winter 2018 Senses issue of Gather is a journey through sight, smell, taste, sound, touch, and intuition with food as our guide. We dreamt up fantasy sensorial menus inspired by particular nuances of sight (shiny), smell (burnt), taste (bitter), and sound (crunch); explored the profound link between cooking and touch; and considered the intersection of food and our most abstract, but fundamental, sense: intuition. Plus, you’ll find musings on everything from the development of taste in utero to color-blindness and cooking, the eternal appeal of the notoriously stinky durian to our collective need to knead.1

When we gather, you are always welcome. Gather is a word that, at every turn, has an indelible resonance at the table. A verbal marker for each stage of the meal, from the garden to the stove to the plate. And that, is a truly fulfilling concept.

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