Damn #83
Damn #83

Damn #83

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Damn #83:Stepping into Education

  • Condition: New
  • Language: English
  • 208 Pages 
  • 20.7cm x 27.5cm (8.15" x 10.83")
  • Published in Berlin, Germany
  • Autumn 2022
  • Frequency: Quarterly

In this issue Damn tiptoes into the major tectonic shifts currently rattling arts education and its institutes.

All sides of this gridlocked clash make convincing arguments, because iniquity, bad attitudes, economic precarity and worse have simmered for far too long, protected by a closed system.

Damn gives voice to both protest and moderation, and add a dash of nostalgia via the 90s Art School, before social media appointed itself to the role of everything from PR to police.

“Everyone had fun and nobody felt guilty about it,” indie actress Sadie Frost, the era’s ‘it girl’, recently told the Guardian. “There was an amazing, exciting vibe. It was uncomplicated. It wasn’t manufactured. Everyone was just who they were.”

Damn sides with those creatives whose work bites deep, with those who use their craft to protest, and specifically with those who reach out to the public directly as collaborators in that fight against iniquity.

A Magazine for opinions on contemporary culture. 

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